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Proclean is a rising industry leader in mold and asbestos removal.

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Having completed Hundreds of residential and commercial projects, we have earned the trust and confidence of loyal customers throughout Southwestern Ontario.

We specialize in mold remediation in attics, kitchen, bathrooms and basements. 




It takes training and know-how to remove mold and asbestos. Proclean has the experience and expertise to address the entire problem safely and correctly.




Proclean provides the appropriate containment barriers and filtration to ensure that removing mold or asbestos doesn’t make the problem worse or jeopardize your family or co-workers.

Our inspectors and workers are certified through specialized training to safely remove mold or asbestos.


Equipment Used


The typical tools or equipment used in a remediation project include the following:

  • HEPA air scrubber
  • HEPA negative air machine
  • Pressure monitor
  • HEPA vacuum

Other tools may be needed to remove infested materials or build containment structures


Debris Disposal


Proclean will ensure that all debris from the project will be removed from the containment area and project space in doubled 3 mil plastic bags. 
Bags will be sealed and HEPA vacuumed or wiped with damp soapy cloth. Larger items will be wrapped in 6 mil polyethylene sheeting or rip-proof tarp and sealed with duct tape.

Currently there are no special regulations for disposal of moldy materials. Properly bagged debris can be disposed with other general waste according to the garbage collection requirements in your area. Asbestos disposal will be done by a third-party licensed company (TS Environmental) and disposed at government approved landfill facilities.


Final Inspection


Prior to re-occupancy of the workspace a visual inspection will be done by Proclean representative and the owner will be invited to review the work with the Proclean representative.


Mold Removal Certificates


Proclean Mold Removal Certificates are issued to confirm that mold removal was successful and remediated area has been restored to normal fungal ecology. The third-party clearance is available but not mandatory and is paid directly by the owner to the certifying contractor.


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